Products That Work: Laser-Cut Thread Trays

This unique product will keep your thread organized and your projects stitching smoothly.

I recently got my hands on an ingenious product from Laser Bee Studio that takes the hassle out of keeping embroidery threads organized. Laser-cut thread trays, made from wood and backed with a wood veneer, are made for both thread storage and for projects.

Project Trays

There are two sets of project trays. They are engraved with a creative sentiment and 12 numbered slots for holding 1000-meter spools of embroidery thread.

Place thread for your design in order in these project trays keeps everything neat and tidy. Thread Tray Set 1 is numbered 1-12 and 13-24

while Tray Set 2 is numbered 25-36 and 37-48, perfect for larger projects with more color changes.

Imagine how much easier your holiday stitching would be with these beauties!

Thread Trays

Laser Bee Studio has 30-slot thread trays that fit standard 12×12 Iris scrapbooking cart

Generic trays are great if you have several different brands of thread – perfect for sorting by color! Inserts fit Isacord, Robinson-Anton, Floriani, Glide, Exquisite, and Brother Simplicity Pro 1000-yard spools.

If you own an entire thread line, you can order insert sets for the entire color line in numerical order. Sets are available for Floriani, Isacord, Madeira, Robison-Anton, and Angela Wolf.

Thread trays make a great Christmas or birthday gift!