Making the Cut: Applique Scissors

Do scissors really make a difference? Yes, they do!

Applique involves trimming fabric close to tack-own stitches. That might seem like it is pretty clear cut, so to speak. In reality though, the type of scissors that you use to trim that fabric have a direct correlation on how nice your applique turns out.

If you have shaggy threads from your applique fabric showing through the satin stitches, it usually means that the fabric was not trimmed close enough to the tack-down stitches.

Regular fabric shears have blades that are much too thick for easily trimming appliques. They are also a bit bulky and can accidently cut the item upon which you are stitching.

Duck-billed applique scissors are my tool of choice.

They make it quite effortless to cut close to stitches.

Small scissors with sharp points are useful for trimming applique fabric in tight corners and curves.

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