Quilting With Magnetic Hoops

Quilting with your embroidery machine couldn’t be easier than when you use a magnetic hoop when embroidering quilting designs like  the English Rose Quilt Blocks by Embroidery Weekly.

Magnetic hoops like the Snap Hoop Monster make it really easy to hold layers of fabric and batting, much more than traditional hooping methods.

Magnetic frames are particularly useful for quilting edge to edge designs like Gradient Quilt Blocks by Designs by Celeste.

They are also handy for lining up designs with corner components like Mandala Quilt Blocks by Allstitch.

One of my favorite parts of using a magnetic frame for quilting is that it holds fabrics and batting firmly without pulling it super taut. That allows more dimension in the quilting details and makes English Rose Quilt Blocks  look more like hand quilting.