How to Finish and Embellish Rose Gold Bridal Lace

This gorgeous lace can be stitched and embellished on ordinary fabrics as well as sheer ones like tulle.

Although Rose Gold Bridal Lace sets from Graceful Embroidery are not freestanding lace, some designs have a lace version which can be stitched out on tulle to create bridal lace. Thankfully, Hazel Tunbridge from Graceful Embroidery has shared this wonderful tutorial.

Stitching 3D Flowers and Butterflies

The collection comes with a set of five different flowers in various sizes. You can attach dimensional flower petals to many of the embroidery designs. There This can be done just before the last two colourways with flowers prepared in advance. 

Use a good quality wash-away stabilizer. Once completed trim away tulle and as much stabilizer as possible and tidy up loose ends.

It is important to get these petals as soft as possible so that they sit naturally within the flowers. I rinse my flower petals under the tap and then soak for at least 12 hours, changing the water several times.

Attaching the Flowers

Petals can be held in place with a little fabric glue or a few hand stitches. You will get accurate positioning if you remove the hoop from the embroidery unit and look down on your work, rather than working across the hoop. Try layering several petals together with the largest at the back. Alternate the petals so the flowers beneath can be seen.

Stitching on Fabric

Hazel embroiders many of her deigns on lovely silk dupioni using two layers of stitch and tear and a topstitch needle. Superior Threads Rose Gold metallic adds sparkle to some of the detail work.

After embroidery, remove as much stitch and tear from the back as possible (the tip of a seam ripper makes this process easier) and tidy up all the jump stitches.

Layer flowers and hand stitch them together then tack to the fabric by hand using the same color thread as used on flower. Make these stitches quite loose otherwise the flowers will disfigure.

Embellishing Embroidery

Hot fix pearls and crystals are ideal for adding to the centers of the flowers. If you are going to add pearls or crystals it is best not to stitch the centres.

For accurate placement, Hazel likes to position her crystals and press with the hot fix applicator for 10 to 12 seconds, depending on the size. If it looks a little off center, I apply the applicator again for about half that time and nudge it into place.

Finishing Up

With all the embellishment completed, lay the embroidery face down on a pressing mat to press the embroidery. The pearls, crystals and flowers will not be damaged provided they are being pressed into a soft surface like a fluffy towel.

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