In the Hoop Oven Mitts

Caution: Side effects of this project could cause an increase in baking! In the hoop projects are so much fun and quick to stitch. I got this heart finger mitt from Inspiration Mutz during the February Treasure Hunt sale. They also have a larger version, the Hearty Oven Mitt, that is made much the same way. They are perfect hostess gifts and  great additions to bridal shower ensembles.

After hooping a fabric type water soluble stabilizer, the first two color stops stitch out placement lines for the project.

Folded fabric encases batting. Then, the front flaps line up along the angled placement lines.

Using fusible batting in layered projects helps keep the fabric and batting sandwich from shifting. Glue stick on the stabilizer holds the flaps in place in the hoop.

A tack down stitch holds both pieces in place while decorative stitches secure folded edges of the flaps.

Another color stop stitches an angled line for the accent fabric. Lay the fabric, wrong side down, overlapping the stitch line about a quarter inch. The next color stop stitches the accent fabric to the flap. The fabric is finger pressed open and held in place with glue stick.

The next color adds decorative stitches on top of the seam. The same is done on the other side to add accent fabric there.

To finish, a hanging loop of ribbon is tacked in place, the backing fabric and batting are placed right side down on the front, and the lining is added to the back before stitching all of the layers together.

Trim around the stitch line leaving extra fabric at the opening area.

Turn right side out, remove water soluble stabilizer, and it’s ready to use!