Great Gifts for Kids You Can Stitch in the Hoop!

These gifts could not be easier to embroider, right in the hoop!

The Bedtime Airline Quilt from My Fair Lady is a playtime airport that will provide hours of imaginative play. Coordinates include a control tower, terminal, maintenance shed, and hangar accessories that are also made in the hoop!

Customize your own 3D Doll House from Anandas Divine Designs. Mix and match 39 blocks for the doll house of your dreams. Satin-stitched outlines make for freestanding applique panels that can be joined together with your sewing machine.

Little girls LOVE having their very own Purse and Accessories. Molly Mine has everything that a girl needs and everything can be stitched in a 5×7 hoop, including sunglasses, cash, credit cards, keys and cosmetics.

Anyone can tell time on an LED clock but if you want your youngster to know how to read the real thing, C-Some Stitches has five adorable animal clocks to choose from. All are stitched in the hoop with moveable arms for a super fun way to learn.

Stuffed toys are a favorite of all ages. Bedtime is much more fun with a Teddy Blankie from Omas Place. Stitch up a soft teddy and an applique pocket to add to a blanket that you buy or you make. You can even personalize the bear with a monogram.