Good as Gold: Embroidered Jewelry

Who needs gold when you have thread? Yes, you can stitch classy jewelry in the hoop!

Your jewelry has never matched your ensemble so well as when you stitch these in-the-hoop projects. Consider using metallics, satins, and specialty threads to create something extraordinary.

Freestanding lace adds a delicate, sophisticated look to necklaces and earrings. FSL Crystal Peacock Earrings from Ace Points Embroidery combines the delicate beauty of lacy peacock feathers with the dazzling accent of hot-fix crystals. Apply the crystals before you wash away the water-soluble stabilizer for best results.

If freestanding lace is not your style, try vinyl. ITH Vinyl Boho Earrings from Inspiration Mutz stitch up quickly and are so versatile. Choose from a variety of specialty vinyl which needs no edge finishing. Use complementary threads and embellish with beads and crystals.

Make matching bracelets with ITH Love Bracelets, also from Inspiration Mutz. Use suede, faux leather, cork, and decorative vinyl for no-finish edges. Bracelets come in two sizes and you can stitch three per hooping. A full alphabet is supplied for personalization. Add beads at the ends of the lacing for boho effect.

Wear a ring of flowers with FSL Jewelry from Sweet Heirloom Embroidery and add blooms to your earlobes. Change colors for the seasons and dress up a holiday sweater.

Do not forget about your hair. Imagine what you can make with one hair clip cover and a dozen different design sets. Half of the Hair Clips designs from SewAZ Embroidery use mylar for added sparkle.

Stitch lace to hold your pony tail or bun in place with FSL Hair Accessories from Inspiration Mutz. Stitch an oval, rectangular, bow, or butterfly shaped lace designs and add bamboo chop sticks to hold hair in place.

These designs make lovely gifts, are fun to embellish, and are popular at craft shows and bazaars.