Going Crazy: Arranging Crazy Quilt Blocks

Making a quilt or wall hanging? Begin by seeing what others have created and shared on social media!

Recently, I noticed a question on the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group page about crazy quilt blocks. One of our followers was going to stitch up Crazy Baby Series 1 blocks from Molly Mine and wanted to see some ideas of what others have made. That is just one of the beautiful bonuses of social media and the generosity of embroiderers who are eager to share.

Here are some things to consider when starting on a big project like a quilt.

Fabric Choices

This quilt was created by Sandy Burfield Estep. She used seven different fabrics for the blocks of her quilt and another for the sashing and borders.

Keeping similar fabrics throughout the quilt helps tie everything together. The colors were soft, ideal for a baby quilt. Fabric prints are very subtle, which allows the decorative stitching to show up nicely and not be lost in the background.

Mandy Kirby Briggs also used soft colors and tone-on-tone fabrics in her blocks that blended beautifully with the embroidery.

Anja Lehnhoff puts a completely different spin on her quilt. The Crazy Baby Series uses a flip and stitch method of construction without bold satin stitching. Pops of thread color really stand out against white fabric.

Thread Colors

Earlier Molly Mine Crazy Quilt Series used an applique technique where fabric pieces were joined with a satin stitch covered by decorative embroidery. In another stunning quilt, Sandy used the same color for her satin stitching throughout each block.

To Sash or Not to Sash?

Another consideration is whether or not you want sashing in your quilt. Sashing is the strips of fabric that outline quilt blocks, separating them into rows and columns.

This Molly Mine quilt using Crazy Baby blocks shows joined blocks without sashing for a more traditional crazy quilt. Anja used slight sashing in her quilt above with ribbon.

Sandy used a medium color value for her sashing that works beautifully with her bright blocks and makes them stand out.

MA Bozzetti used a pastel palette with her blocks.

Stitching them together with white sashing allowed for block separation in her finished quilt without extreme contrast between the sashing fabric and the blocks.

Dark sashing in another quilt by Sandy complements the lovely bright batiks and tone-on-tone fabrics she used in the blocks.

As a stunning finish, Sandy used crazy quilt blocks as the center square for sawtooth stars.

They made for a beautiful side borders.

Fantastic job, ladies. Thanks for allowing me to share your crazy gorgeous quilts!