Get Petal Perfect Results with Mylar

Add a delicate shimmer to floral embroidery with Mylar.

Mylar is a trademarked polyester film manufactured by the DuPont company. It can be stitched upon with light embroidery designs allowing the resulting shimmer to show through.

Tiffany Rose Garden from Hatched in Africa is available in a 5×7 and a 6×10 size. Project panels mimic a tiffany glass window with gorgeous pearlized shimmering from stitching on Mylar. You can stitch the designs on fabric without Mylar with a slightly flatter result.

Although some embroiderers use Mylar cellophane, typically found where wrapping paper is sold, some brands can flake off when washed. Test before you use it if the item will be washed and dried or purchase Mylar that is specifically for apparel. Mylar balloons are too thick and will flake when laundered.

Even though many colors are available, iridescent Mylar matches everything, reflecting the thread and fabric colors with a gorgeous shimmer.

Use only with lightly stitched designs, like ripple embroidery, or those digitized specifically for Mylar. Solid fills will not allow the mylar to show through.

Use Mylar just like an applique fabric, positioning it with the placement line and securing it in place with a tack-down stitch. Film will tear away after stitching or can be cut close to stitch lines.

Launder as usual but hang to dry or dry on very low heat. Mylar can be ironed with a press cloth, but do not touch the Mylar surface directly with a hot iron.