Freestanding Lace Photo Ornaments

These freestanding lace photo ornaments, by Ace Points Embroidery, make sentimental gifts. They are a perfect way to commemorate special family events, like a birth, marriage, or other celebration. You could even use them as a gift tag!

A lace back keeps the photo in place. They also stitch out fast, making them a really nice last minute gift.

Freestanding lace is stitched on water soluble stabilizer and is digitized so that the threads all intertwine and stitch over each other with bound edges. When the embroidery is finished, the stabilizer is rinsed away to reveal lace.

Start by hooping two layers of fabric type water soluble stabilizer. Stitch out the design using the same thread in the bobbin. When finished, remove the hoop from the machine.

Clip around the designs, being careful to not cut into the embroidery. Rinse away the water soluble stabilizer, just enough so that it disappears. You want some of the stabilizer to stay in the stitches so that the lace is stiff when it is dry.

I did not stitch out the back. Instead, I printed out a template of the back design using embroidery software, like Hatch. I traced the template on clear plastic and used that to center the photo to the embroidery.

Cut around the edges of the photo and run a thin bead of glue along the edge. Place the photo behind the frame and let it dry.

Add a hanger, and maybe even some crystals or beads, and you have a cherished ornament that will serve as an annual reminder of family milestones!