Embroider a Garden Party Bridal Theme

Tea parties are a special occasion and these projects are fit for a queen (or a bride).

Anyone in your family getting married this year? How lovely it would be to have a tea party bridal shower! These projects will give you plenty of ideas and maybe a special favor or two for guests to take home!

Lace adds a touch of elegance to any table. Stitch up a pretty FSL Floral Coaster from Ace Points Embroidery. Just leave off the text and wow the crowd.

Another good choice is FSL Symmetry Coasters from Sweet Heirloom Embroidery.

One advantage of freestanding lace is that there is no finish work required. Just stitch and rinse. FSL Teapots from Ace Points Embroidery would be pretty attached to a tea bag or tied to napkin-wrapped silverware.

If you have a lot of scraps in your stash, consider making FSL Applique Heart Coasters from Ovistin in Africa.

Applique Quilt Coasters from Ronels Creations are made completely in the hoop with no finish stitching needed.  

Mug rugs are great projects for using up scraps of fabric and batting/wadding. Maxi Mug Rugs from Inspiration Mutz are a great choice.

Is your event outdoors? The Cutwork Tea Net from Mar Lena Embroidery plays an important role in protecting tableware from insects while adding a classy, Victorian feel.

Use a design like Garden Party Tea Cups from Anandas Divine Designs and make a garden banner to post outside the reception entrance. You could also drape it on the head table. Add the lucky couples names, monograms, or wedding date and they have something personalized to add to their home.

Depending on the size of your party, consider embroidering kitchen towels for each guest. Linework designs, like Multiline Teatime from Designs by Petro, work best since they stitch up super fast.

Single-color designs, like Bluework Tea Sets from Odiles Corner, stitch up even faster. Read this tip to find out how to make the back look pretty.

You can not have tea without some cake. Cupcake Wrappers from Stitch Delight would be so pretty on a tiered stand.

So many cute options and they are 70% off this week in the Pop-up Store!