Cutting Mat is a Great Hooping Aid

The grid work on your cutting mat makes a handy alignment tool when positioning projects in the hoop, especially when using transparent stabilizers like water soluble film, fabric type water soluble, and mesh.

Let’s say you are embroidering a border design on something like a bed sheet. After printing a template, you have decided that you want to position your project so that the center of the design is two inches from the top edge of the sheet.

Line up the centering marks of the hoop along a horizontal grid mark on your cutting mat. Measure down two inches (it is easy since the grid marks are one inch apart) and draw a line on the stabilizer right along the line of the cutting mat.

You now have a straight line along which you can place the bed sheet for embroidering a straight border!

What tricks do you use for lining up projects in the hoop?