Crazy in Love: Romantic Embellishments for Machine Embroidery

Crazy quilting has never been easier to embroider or more fun to embellish!

Crazy quilts of old were works of art, only used for extra special occasions, and took months to complete by hand. Modern-day machines, and some extraordinarily talented digitizers, have turned this heirloom artform into a feat we can finish in mere hours.

Intricate details can be stitched easily using a variety of fine threads, even metallic. Only the finest fabrics were used. Bits of lace and decorative buttons, like those of Romantic Crazy Quilt 4 from Graceful Embroidery, were kept and reused to accent crazy quilt blocks.

Romantic Crazy Quilt 10 adds strips of lace and ribbon work that mimics lace inserts.

Romantic Crazy Quilt 1 uses beads instead of ribbon, making what would otherwise become ribbon work, function as buttons and button holes.

Lace edging serves as a delicate border in Romantic Crazy Quilt 7.

Most, if not all, of these samples above used pastel colors of silk dupioni. Crazy Quilt Series 5, Part 5 from Molly Mine features pastel tone-on-tone cotton quilting fabrics with beautiful results.

Embellishing crazy quilt blocks, whether with thread, beads, buttons, ribbon, or lace, is just as much fun as stitching them!