Coloring Embroidery: Permanent Markers

Coloring is relaxing. Instead of a coloring book, try outline embroidery!

If you like to color, this is a natural progression for machine embroiderers. Stitch out fine line and open satin stitched designs and color them with permanent markers.

This tutorial shows you how it is done.

Embroidery Designs

All of these designs are included in the Pop-up Store 70% off sale this week and are suitable for coloring with permanent markers.

Digitized as blackwork, Days of the Week Owls 2 from Ace Points Embroidery are the perfect addition to a white kitchen towel. Kids would enjoy coloring these as gifts for loved ones.

Bluework designs, like Bluework Sparrows from Wind Bell Embroidery, and

redwork designs, like Beautiful Blue Humming Birds from Odiles Corner, can be stitched in black ink if desired. That makes lines uniform much like coloring books, and allows the colors to stand out.

Large open areas, like those in Redwork Birds Quilt from Sweet Heirloom Embroidery are ideal for diluting permanent marker shading for a watercolor effect.

Even multi-colored linework like Line Art Bird Scenes from Allstitch, can be touched up with subtle watercolor fills.

Permanent Markers

Always test markers to see how they color and blend with alcohol. Besides Sharpies, these other brands are also good choices:


Use 100% cotton with tight weaves for best results and press when dry to set the ink.