Borders Make a Big Impression

One of the advantages of a bigger hoop is that you can easily create stunning borders.

Your embroidery machine dictates the size of the hoops that you can use and the size of the hoops determines which designs you can embroider. Bigger hoops produce larger designs and more sophisticated projects.

Hoop sizes vary from 4×4 on up to nearly 10×14 and beyond. While you can certainly stitch many borders in a 4×4 hoop, it may require several hoopings to stitch the desired length. The larger your hoop, the easier it is to stitch out beautiful borders.

Continuous border hoops and magnetic hoops can make rehooping and positioning fabric easier, especially when embroidering long edges like table and bed linens.

The 3D Butterfly Lavender Pillow from Embroider Shoppe can be made to any length by repeating the 5×7 design.

Edging like the Vintage Broderie Anglaise Lace Set 6 from Embroidery Weekly is also digitized for the 5×7 hoop. You can position two of the designs end to end in a 240×360 hoop. That cuts rehooping in half.

The Flowers Border from Art Embroidery is a stunning addition to this black skirt. It contains 4×4 sections you can join or a full combinations of borders and corners to fit an 8×12 hoop.

This gorgeous Cutwork Pillow Border Project from Into Embroidery is digitized for the 6×8 hoop. It is ideal for creating heirloom edges on not only pillows, but also bedding, table ware, and even jackets. Get it for just $1 until the end of the month when the shop closes.

Borders are a favorite on toweling. This set, Kitchen Towel Borders from C Some Stitches, contains sizes from 2×7 up to 2×12 for your hooping convenience.

Want to try your hand at continuous borders? Learn from an expert! This tutorial by Pamela Cox is just $1 until the end of the month. The designs she uses in the tutorial, Heartsease 1 from Graceful Embroidery, are digitized for the 4×4 hoop and are also just $1. You can Pamela’s technique with any designs suitable for borders.