Bigger Hoops = Bowl Huggers

Whether it is for hot soup or cold ice cream, this bowl cozy is made mostly in the hoop!

The inside and outside of this adorable Bowl Hugger from Omas Place in two very quick separate hoopings. The fabrics get quilted in the hoop and finished on the sewing machine.

The bowl hugger is reversible and fits several small bowl sizes.

Start by hooping batting without any stabilizer. Fold one of your fabrics in quarters and position it against the cross hairs that stitched out first. Open up the fabric and tape in place. Stitch quilting stitches to secure the fabric to the batting. Do this for both pieces.

Trim excess batting close to embroidery edges on one layer.

Trim batting to the fabric edge on the other.

Use the outer quilting stitch line to line up the block and trim it to 10 x 10.

Fold each block in half, matching up all sides.

Use the crosshairs originally stitched on the batting as a guide for the darts.

Stitch all four darts.

Trim darts.

Do the same to the other piece.

When both pieces are prepped, place them right sides together.

Stitch around the outer edge leaving an opening for turning.

Clip corners and turn right side out for a pretty and useful bowl holder.

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