Applique Designs and Tiny Fonts Make Great Quilt Labels

Last week, we discussed why you should label your quilts and projects. These applique designs make great labels!

In recognition of National Quilting Month, we are taking a look at the why and how you should label your quilts and quilted projects. Most labels are added to the back of the item

Make a Block Label

Consider using one of the blocks of the quilt or table runner as the label. Crazy Quilt Series 5, Part 1, Sew and Flip from Molly Mine is a perfect example of using a block from your project as the label. Text can be added to sections of the block to ensure that the quilting legacy lives on.

Quilt as You Go Owl Blocks from Embroidery Weekly have plenty of space to add text.

Shape it Up

Applique Hearts from Erinas Designs or  can also serve as the perfect frame for a label.

Baby Bear Appliques from Baby Embroidery Shop would be perfect for a baby blanket.

Special Occasions

Oh, So Beautiful from Ovistin in Africa is a lovely addition to any special occasion quilt or wall hanging. Just replace the center print fabric with a solid or light tone-on-tone instead.

Whether it is a t-shirt memory quilt or a traditional pieced quilt, Graduation Cap from Kreative Kiwi Embroidery adds a custom feel to commemorating a milestone.

Use the Right Font

Sometimes it is difficult to find a well-digitized font that is both small and easy to read. Oma’s Place has three that work well.

Tiny Twinklestar Font

Madre Redwork Font

Tiny Madre Font

Visit the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group page and share quilt labels that you have made using Secrets designs and fonts!