Adding Embroidery to Glassware

Instead of adding lacy accents to LED candles, consider applying them to glass.

Because the light shows through, lace embroidery is quite elegant when applied to items like LED candles. It adds a bit of depth when you add it to glass globes or windows.

You could do this with traditional freestanding lace designs or faux lace stitched on organza fabric. Once the designs have stitched out and they have been rinsed, trimmed, and dried, they can be glued onto glass surfaces.

If you want the decoration to be permanent, use a glue specifically for glass surfaces. Products like E6000, Loctite and Gorilla Glue bond well to glass and dry clear. Be sure to prepare the surface according to the manufacturer instructions for the best result.

For a temporary fix, some people use low-temperature glue guns with standard glue sticks. You will want to test this theory to your specific brand of glue gun and glue. I would start with a general glue stick, not one for specific surfaces.

Apply glue to the item you want to place on a glass surface and apply to the glass. It will peel off when you are done, much like sticky tack.

I have seen strings of Christmas lights glued around windows and imagine that it would also work quite well on glass globes or glassware utilizing tea lights.

I can see using fall leaves, lace flowers, even snowflakes for this technique.