A Work of Heart: Designs That Work Well With Angelina Fibers

There is still time to stitch up some love and try Angelina hot fix fibers.

If you read our tutorial on fusing Angelina fibers for applique, these designs would work quite well. Basically, any applique design with a satin stitch edge is ideal. They make a special occasion (think wedding, birthday, or just because) even more meaningful.

If the design does not have an actual placement or tack-down stitch built in before the satin stitching, as with some lace, you can still make it work. Decorative edging has underlay stitching, often a zig zag, to stabilize the satin stitching. Use the first round or two of underlay stitching as a placement or tack down.

Clip threads close to the stitches and re-run the edge stitching to secure the Angelina fiber “applique.”

Angelina fibers add a touch of shimmer to traditional applique designs, like Feel Loved from Inspiration Mutz. You can fuse a very thin layer of Angelina right over the fabric, if you like. That adds a tint and softens bold prints.

Valentine Coasters from Embroidered Necessity provides gorgeous lace edging and delicate floral embroidery.

Another option is Fantasy Hearts from All Sorts of Embroidery. This 10-design set actually uses Angelina although you can omit it if you like. Quilting and lacy edges are built in plus, you can add beads or hot-fix crystals for even more dazzle.

Valentine Roses Hearts from Threads of Embroidery have a beautifully stitched center with ruffled edging, perfect for adding a delicate layer of Angelina. You could use two different colors, one for the inside heart and another for the ruffled edge.

Valentine 1 from Dancing Thread would be stunning with aurora borealis Angelina behind it. It would hold up well stitched on felt for a freestanding heart. You may need to run the edging stitches twice to make sure the tiny Angelina fibers are all enclosed.

The small heart in Love Applique from Sew Michelle would certainly shine with touch of Angelina.

What will you stitch with Angelina hot fix fibers?