A Tablecloth for Mom: Using Templates

Exact design placement is not difficult if you use templates!

The idea of hooping designs for exact placement can be intimidating, even for those of us who have been embroidering for a while. It really is not difficult when you use templates. I will show you an easy embroidery project your mum will love using templates on an antique linen tablecloth.

Creating Your Template

Creating design positioning templates is relatively easy and can be done with basic embroidery design editing software like . Depending on the digitizer, PDF templates are often provided with the embroidery designs. Either way, when you print out a template of your design. Make sure it prints at 100 percent or actual size and not print to fit.

I used Rippled Garden Birds and Rippled Flowers from One By One Embroidery.

Start by opening the designs in editing software like Embird or Embrilliance and print out the template including crosshairs. Print as many of each design as you will use on your table cover.

Placing Templates

Trim away extra paper and place the pieces around the edge of the table linen.

Measure carefully and mark where each design will go. When you have a layout you like, secure each template to the cloth with pins or temporary adhesive.

Mark the crosshairs on the fabric so that you can align the fabric with the crosshairs on your hooped stabilizer.

Hoop a water-soluble, fabric-type stabilizer and mark the centering crosshairs on the stabilizer. Spray the back of the cloth with a temporary adhesive and center it up in the hoop, lining up centering marks on the cloth with the crosshairs on the stabilizer. Finger-press in place to hold.

If you want to make the back look pretty, load the same color thread in your bobbin as that with which you are embroidering.

Place your hoop on your machine and move to the first color stop. The needle should move to the center crosshair of your design. If it is off, either readjust or, if you are sure it is not an alignment issue, move your needle to the center position to start.

When each design is stitched, take everything out of the hoop, clip stabilizer close to stitching, and rinse away the rest. Let it dry and iron.

This is a lovely way to update a special family heirloom that your mom will love. Positioning probably seems like it takes an awful lot of time but, when it is done properly, it works every time!