Choosing Fabric for Fall Projects

Did you ever stitch a seasonal design only to be disappointed? Maybe it didn’t have anything to do with the design and everything to do with the fabric choices.

The right fabric choices can really enhance your fall embroidery projects.

Marbles and Batiks

Because of their natural shading and color variations, marbles are ideal fabrics for applique designs like pumpkins. These Pumpkin Monograms from Mimis Sewing Studio not only look realistic, they have the added bonus of a monogram.

Batiks are wonderful for fall leaf appliques. Because of their dying process, no two prints are the same. This leaf applique used a watercolor batik with Elegant Applique Leaves from Oma’s Place. You can see the full project here.


The Pumpkin Placemat from Kreative Kiwi uses tone-on-tone fabric that also has a touch of marbeling. The print is subtle enough that it works beautifully. See the full project here.


Leather, suede, and faux suede all add an earthy surface to embroidery, especially with natural designs like leaves and flower centers. The slight nap adds dimension to Elegant Applique Leaves from Oma’s Place. Check out this project to see the contrast between batiks and suedes.


Transparent shimmer and shine are gorgeous when stitching fall leaves, especially when they are part of a lighted garland. The 3D Organza Leaves String Lights from Embroider Shoppe are so pretty stitched on delicate organza. You could always add layers of organza to achieve different colors.

Organza can also be used as a transparent base upon which to embroider designs that are not digitized as freestanding lace. A perfect example is the lace candle project. It featured Leaf and acorn designs from Autumn Scrolls and Pumpkin design from Forever Fall.


If you want to add a rustic texture, burlap is your utility fabric. It works quite well with these ITH Mug Rugs from Inspiration Mutz. Plus, when you add decorative stitching around the edges and fray them, there is no finishing required.

What is your favorite fall embroidery fabric?