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Tropical Birds

Sweet Heirloom Embroidery offers us a window into the colorful characters of wild tropical birds with this delightful collection series. Answer the call to stitch them out onto hand bags, totes, decor items and towels, or make a signature piece by embellishing a jacket, t-shirt, kitchen linens or bedding. These lush designs are sure to catch the attention of all of your fine feathered friends. You just might even find them flocking to Secrets to pick up a set of their own!


Cute Parrots

Cute Parrots * 4x4 $45.00 $18.00  

Brush Painted Parrots

Brush Painting Parrots * 4x4 $35.00 $14.00  

Brush Painted Parrots 2

Brush Painting Parrots 2 * 4x4 $30.00 $12.00  


Parrots 2

Parrots 2 * 4x4 $30.00 $12.00  


Toucans * 4x4 $30.00 $12.00  

Toucans * 5x5 $30.00 $12.00  

Toucans * 6x6 $30.00 $12.00  

Special Offer - Toucans * 4x4, 5x5 & 6x6 $40.00 $16.00  

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