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Embroidery Hints and Tips

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Choosing a Machine
Using Stabilizers
More on Stabilizers
Spray Adhesives
Water Soluble Vilene
Dry CoverUP
Embroidery Method
Various Fabrics
Redwork Embroidery
Quilt Blocks on Silk
Sewing Outlines
Free Sewing
Multiple Hooping
Quilt as You Go
Digitizing Methods
Jump Stitches
Needles & Thread
Bobbin Threads
Embroidery Terms
Getting Started
When to Hoop or Not to Hoop
Metallic Threads
Computer Help Home
Converting Files
Organizing Designs
Tear-Away Stabilizer Hints and Tips
Cut Aways Stabilizer Hints and Tips
Thread Conversion
Embroidery Threads
Silicone Lubricants
Polyester Thread
Thread Types
Heirloom Sewing Techniques
Freestanding Lace
Preparing Lace - & Washable Glue Trick
Bath Towel Skirt
Paper Embroidery
Christening Gown
Chenille Jacket
Crazy Quilting
Re-Embroidered Nashville Lace Denim
Fancy Band Sleeve Embellishments
3D Flowers
How to Use Silk Flowers with Embroidery
Make a Puzzle Bag
How to Make a Spring Quilt
How to Embroider Cutwork
Embroider with Mylar

Embroidery Tips and Techniques


Use our embroidery tips and techniques area to help you to undertake a wide range of embroidery tasks, this area will help you to create your embroidery projects with ease.  We also cover advice on using embroidery accessories such as spray on adhesives and stabilizers as well as tips on embroidery needles and threads, plus much more. 


If you are considering purchasing a new embroidery sewing machine we have an article on this with links which will take you directly to the manufacturers websites.  Point your mouse to the Tips menu in the menu bar above this message, and a drop-down menu will appear.  Use this menu to check out all our Embroidery Tips.  Alternatively you can use the navigation bar on the left hand side of this page.