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Organizing Designs

Organizing Your Embroidery Designs

  • Before you even begin I would suggest that you open Windows Explorer  and creating some Folders in your hard drive to put your embroidery designs into.  It makes life a LOT easier if you have folders for each type of design you have.

  • There are as many approaches to organizing your files as there are people on the Net, but here's what we recommend, and many people find it works well for them.  Start off with a main folder called "Embroidery” within which you can have many sub-folders (a folder within a folder).  The folders inside Embroidery could be named flowers, children, alphabets, animals, etc. You can put as many folders as you want inside your main embroidery folder.

  • See example below - once this is organized you're ready to start downloading.  


  • We have a system of pre-organized folders that you can download.  It originally came Cindy at the Tashambra website - we have adjusted it a little and it is available from this linkAfter you have downloaded this file, go to the folder you downloaded it to and double click on the file.  Use Browse to locate where you want the category folders to be and click on Unzip.  You will get a message saying that 0 files have been unzipped. That is OK because there are actually NO files , only empty folders.  They will be wherever you have downloaded them to, just take a peek and see. 

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