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Floral Borders & Corners

Applique Borders

Applique Borders * 5x7 $12.00  

Mylar Decorative Borders

Mylar Decorative Borders * 4x4, 5x5 & 5x7 $18.00  

Decorative Borders 2

Borders are 7" wide (18 cm). Perfect for quilt borders, table cloths, bedlinen, or any other project that needs a decorative border.


Decorative Borders 2 * 5x7 $10.00  

Decorative Borders

Decorative Borders 1 * 4x4 $10.00  

Decorative Borders 1 * 5x7 $10.00  

Colorline Corners

Designs vertically and horizontally arranged in 5x7 hoop.
Horizontal in Hoop - designs are 7" wide
Vertical in hoop - designs are 4.9" wide
Perfect for table cloths, corners on quilts, napkins, pillowcases, clothing items.


Colorline Corners stitch outs

Colorline Corners * 5x7 $15.00  

Floral Corners

These Floral Borders and matching Floral Corners are ideal for quilts. Choose from designs for the 4x4" hoop or the 5x7" hoop - or see the special offers for purchasing both sizes together at a discounted price.


Special Offer - Floral Corners * 4x4 & 5x7 $35.00  

Floral Corners * 4x4 $20.00  

Floral Corners * 5x7 $30.00  

Floral Borders

Special Offer - Floral Borders * 4x4 & 5x7 $35.00  

Floral Borders * 4x4 $20.00  

Floral Borders * 5x7 $30.00  



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