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Funky Food

The Purple Hat Cafe is now open for business, serving delicious felt food meals for playtime fun! All our Funky Food items are designed with a hand-stitched look in mind. We use blanket stitch for our appliqués and free-standing pieces instead of satin stitch edges, which may become untidy and possibly unravel with continued handling, washing and chewing! 


Funky Food Gourmet Cookies

Everybody loves freshly-baked cookies! Our Funky Food Gourmet Cookies Set consists of seven scrumptious cookies for 4x4 hoops. These mouth-watering designs are made in the hoop in minutes.


Funky Food Gourmet Cookies * 4x4 $10.00  

Funky Food Cheese Burger

Take a bite of our Funky Food Cheese Burger set for 4x4 hoops. This meal is sure to make anyone happy! 

There are six designs included - a hamburger roll, grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion ring and cheese. Yum! All made in the hoop including the roll. Very easy and simply delicious.


Funky Food Cheese Burger * 4x4 $10.00  

Funky Food BBQ

Summer's coming so let's have a cookout! 

Our Funky Food BBQ set for 4x4 hoops consists of a juicy steak, chop, corn as well as two baked potatoes. All made in the hoop - simply trim, turn right sides out and slip stitch the openings closed.


Funky Food BBQ * 4x4 $10.00  

Funky Food Pies

The Funky Food Pies set consists of four made in the hoop pies for 5x7 hoops. Choose between strawberry, banana cream, key lime or a lattice pie. These are great as tea party play food but equally good as novelty pincushions for Mom.


Funky Food Pies * 5x7 $10.00  

Funky Food Christmas Cookies

Our Funky Food Christmas Cookies Set consists of five made in the hoop cookies for 4x4 hoops. Why bake when you can make them with your embroidery machine? And don't stop there, these cookies make adorable folksy tree ornaments. 

Just add a ribbon loop to the center top before stitching your final color. What about using them as fun package ties or a super seasonal mobile to keep baby entertained.


Funky Food Christmas Cookies * 4x4 $10.00  

Funky Food Easter

Our Funky Food Easter Set consists of six made in the hoop projects for 4x4 hoops as well as one design for 5x7 hoops. A small chocolate bunny, two Easter eggs, juicy carrot, a shy Easter chick peeking out of his egg shell, yummy jelly beans as  well as a large chocolate bunny for 5x7 hoop. Guaranteed to delight your little one!


Funky Food Easter * 4x4 & 5x7 $10.00  

Funky Food Breakfast

Our Funky Food Breakfast Set consists of four made in the hoop projects for 4x4 hoops, a fried egg, strip of crispy bacon, a pancake drizzled with sweet maple syrup and topped with a blob of butter as well as a juicy fresh strawberry. What better way to start a funky food day!


Funky Food Breakfast * 4x4 $10.00  

Funky Food Lunch

Our Funky Food Lunch Set 1 consists of five made in the hoop projects for 4x4 hoops, a slice of fresh bread, crispy lettuce, tomato, cheese and luncheon meat. The perfect sandwich for your little one's lunch break, with several filling options!


Funky Food Lunch * 4x4 $10.00  

Funky Food Pizza Party

Our Funky Food Pizza Party Set consists of five made in the hoop projects for 4x4 hoops, a pizza slice topped with tomato and cheese as well as assorted toppings like mushrooms, pepperoni, green pepper and onions. Remember the Barney song "Pizza Pizza nothing beats a Pizza"!  Make as many slices and toppings as you like and have a super duper pizza party!


Funky Food Pizza Party * 4x4 $10.00  

Funky Food Donuts

Our Funky Food Donuts Set 1 consists of four made in the hoop projects for 4x4 hoops, four delicious donuts for your next tea party, topped with yummy frosting and assorted sprinkles.   Invite your friends, favorite dolls and teddy bear. Sugar free, no calories and guess what Mom, they make great pincushions too!


Funky Food Donuts * 4x4 $10.00  

Funky Food Dinner

Our Funky Food Dinner Set consists of four made in the hoop projects for 4x4 hoops, a juicy roast chicken leg, hearty portion of mashed potato and gravy as well as carrots and green beans to round off the feast. Who knows, chances are you may be able to persuade fussy eaters to try real carrots and green beans after playing with this set!


Funky Food Dinner * 4x4 $10.00  

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