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Summer Bride Designs


This gorgeous Summer Bride collection has three sets of lovely designs. The Wedding Diamonds and Wedding Hearts sets are designed for the large hoops only, they are perfect for the Bernina oval and mega hoops. Please check the design dimensions before ordering these sets. There is also a beautiful Wedding Scrolls set which has designs for the smaller hoop sizes. Scroll down to see the discount offer for all three sets in this collection.

Download and stitch the Free Tassel before making any purchases with a 3D tassel to ensure that your machine and model can stitch these designs. Some of the Brother and Babylock machines do have problems stitching the long satin fringes. However these sets include a stitched version without any long fringes and are just as pretty.

Summer Bride Wedding Diamonds

The Wedding Diamonds set has 10 elegant embroidery designs for linking continuous edges for a special dress or jacket. This simple but detailed set consists of some designs with a long 3D satin tassels and a non-3D fringe version for those machines which cannot stitch the long satin stitches. These designs have a low stitch count therefore they stitch out fast and are suitable for a large project.


H - 6.56 x W - 2.97

H - 8.77 x W - 3.31

H -7.42 x W - 3.33

H - 6.72 x W - 2.95

H - 8.77 x W - 3.26

Summer Bride - Wedding Diamonds $15.00  

Summer Bride Wedding Hearts

Wedding Hearts is an elegant embroidery set to combine and link for continuous edges. This highly detailed set consists of some designs with a long, smooth 3D satin tassels and a non-3D fringe version for those machines which cannot stitch the long satin stitches. Some designs were created with cording detail (small sections only) to be stitched with decorative threads and a special cording presser foot (used for sewing).

For those who cannot stitch these, a candlewick version of each is added to this set as well. All of these are actual sewn-outs. All designs can be repeated and linked as large continuous edges. Arrange the hearts on their own to fill larger areas.


H - 6.16 x W - 3.89

H - 6.15 x W - 3.89

H - 6.16 x W - 5.32

H - 6.20 x W - 5.02

Summer Bride - Wedding Hearts $15.00  

Summer Bride Wedding Scrolls

This Wedding Scrolls set is a small but elegant set with 6 beautiful scrolls in two sizes (12 designs) for arranging and combining edges, hems, trims for necklines to suit your taste. All designs have a low stitch count for fast and easy stitching of your project. Stitch them in tone-on-tone white, beige or your own wedding colours. Ideal for all the trimmings on a wedding dress, veil edges, table linen, and the wedding ring pillow.


Summer Bride - Wedding Scrolls * 4x4 $10.00  

Summer Bride Wedding Sets - Diamonds, Hearts & Scrolls $35.00  


Wedding Scroll samples


Wedding Hearts

Wedding Hearts scroll design

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