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Velvet Collections

For more Velvet designs take a look at the Velvet Flowers, with lots of floral designs to choose from using the same velvet technique.


Velvet Collection 1

This Velvet Collection has two variations of stitch technique. The Velvet Stitch Technique is a new and innovative way of embroidering, the idea is simple. The petals of the flowers contain two colors, one light and one dark. After the embroidery is completed, the inside of the petals are slit through the middle allowing the light color to show. It creates the illusion of a velvet effect. The Regular Stitch Technique designs do not have the double layer of satin stitches that creates the velvet effect. Each collection comes with its own set of PDF instructions how to create the special effects.

The designs on the Velvet Collection will stand light laundering. You can use this collection for quilts, garments, home decor and more.


Velvet Collection 1 4x4 * Regular Stitch Technique $40.00 $28.00  

Velvet Collection 1 4x4 * Velvet Stitch Technique $40.00 $28.00  

Special Offer Collection 1 Both Velvet & Regular Stitch Techniques $55.00 $38.50  

Velvet Collection 2

This set is for all the ladies who wanted more of the Velvet Technique. Enjoy again the velvety feel of these designs and use them in quilts, draperies, apparel, linens, bags and more. This collection is for the 4x4 hoops but you can easily turn the patterns into bigger squares for larger projects. See the projects below. Full instructions are included.


Velvet Collection 2 * 4x4 $35.00 $24.50  

Velvet Collection 3

This third set of the velvet technique designs is for the 5x7 hoop but you can easily turn the patterns into bigger squares for larger projects. See the projects ideas below for inspiration in combining these designs. Full instructions are included.


Velvet Collection 3 * 5x7 $35.00 $24.50  

Special Offer Both Velvet Collections 2 and 3 * 4x4 & 5x7 $45.00 $31.50  


Velvet Flower Collection 2 Cushion


Velvet Collection Project ideas


Velvet Collection 2 project ideas


Velvet Collection 3 project ideas

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