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Reticule Purses

These Reticules, or drawstring bags, have soft, lacy patterns. You can use a braided rope, a ribbon or even a leather thong to fashion your drawstring. For an elegant look, try satin fabric and for more casual use, any fabric, even denim can be used. Perfect for use at a wedding, where the bridesmaids can easily use a Reticule one size smaller than that of the bride. (Embellishments and drawstrings are not included)

The Reticule for the 6x10 hoop has more than enough space for a beautiful lacy pattern to decorate your front panel and to hide your belongings inside. The Reticule for your 5x7 hoop is large enough to show off any elegant outfit but small enough to be carried with you all the time without being in the way. The Reticule for the 4x4 hoop is a dainty purse that can easily hide the smaller cell phones or can be used for tissues or as a coin purse.


Reticule in Roses

4x4 Purse

5x7 Purse

6x10 Purse

Reticule in Roses * 4x4, 5x7 & 6x10 $15.00  

Classic Reticule

4x4 Reticule

5x7 Reticule

6x8 Reticule

Classic Reticule * 4x4, 5x7 & 6x10 $15.00  

Lace Reticule

4x4 Reticule

5x7 Reticule

6x8 Reticule

Lace Reticule * 4x4, 5x7 & 6x10 $15.00  

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