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Freestanding Lace



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This lace has been designed as free standing lace and also non-free standing lace that can be

embroidered directly on fabric as an ordinary design.



Free Standing Lace 1


Free Standing Lace 1 $25.00  



Free Standing Lace 2


Free Standing Lace 2 $25.00  

Free Standing Lace 1 and 2 * bundle $38.00  


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Lace Collar & Cuff Variation

Lace Collar $20.00  

All of these lace designs can be stitched out like any ordinary design on fabric, but the freestanding lace can also be stitched on Badgemaster, laundry bags or other water dissolvable fabrics. It all depends on how thick or strong it is. Enid uses 2 layers for the laundry bags a 4 layers for "solvy" called Avalon.
All designs can be sewn in 40wt polyester thread for machine embroidery (e.g. Marathon or Isafil).
When you have finished sewing the design cut away the fabric close to the edge of the design. (do not tear) and soaked in very hot water for a few hours till soft.  Then lay the design on a soft fabric (towel), right side up, put a thin dry cloth on it and press it lightly with an iron. Leave to dry completely and it will be even softer when finished.
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