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Lace Baby Shoes

FSL Christening Shoes

These shoes are for the 4x4 Hoop. They should fit a baby from newborn to 3 months.

FSL Christening Shoes * 4x4 $1.50  

Delicate Freestanding Lace Booties
Delicate Freestanding Lace Booties
forthe5x7 Hoop. These delicate booties are made with Freestanding Lace. After sewing the designs on disolvable stabilizer, place them in a jar with soap water and shake it to disolve the stabilizer, then in a jar of clean water and shake it, then finally shake in water with fabric softner. This makes the booties very soft and they will fit a 2mth old baby.

FSL Booties * 5x7 $1.50  


Freestanding Lace Baby Shoes

Following are 17 different sets of baby shoes.These are fun to make and no sewing is involved. Instructions includedwith eachthe file. Each shoe includes 3 different sizes for the 100x100, 180X130 and 260x160.

Shoe sizes are as follows: Large Shoe 10.5x4.5cm, Medium Shoe 8.5x3.5cm, Small Shoe 5.5x2.5cm. If you use 100% cotton or 100% silk thread and join by sewing instead of the hot glue gun, the large and medium shoes can be use for infants. The small one will fit a doll or can be use as christening cake decoration. If you do not like freestanding lace, you can stitch them on organza and burn the eyelets with a soldering iron.

Baby Shoes Set 1 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 2 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 3 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 4 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 5 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 6 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 7 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 8 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 12 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 13 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 14 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 15 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 16 * 6x8 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 17 * 6x8 $1.50 


FSL Baby Shoes 4x4

Baby Shoes Set 09 * 4x4 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 10 * 4x4 $1.50 

Baby Shoes Set 11 * 4x4 $1.50 

Freestanding Lace Slip-On Baby Shoes Set 1

Slip on Shoes 1 * 4x4 $1.50  

Freestanding Lace Slip-On Baby Shoes Set 2

Slip on Shoes 2 * 4x4 $1.50  

Freestanding Lace Slip-On Baby Shoes Set 3

Slip on Shoes 3 * 4x4 $1.50  

Freestanding Lace Slip-On Baby Shoes Set 4

Slip on Shoes 4 * 4x4 $1.50  

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